The birthplace of Western civilisation, Greece was the hub of art, democracy, science & theatre. Travel to this historic region with our holiday packages to Greece experiencing its old world charm be it exploring the ancient Acropolis in Athens or stepping inside the Parthenon and other temples honouring the Gods of Olympus. From the city head to the Greek islands where you can enjoy scenic beaches, whitewashed fishing villages and old town areas with medieval landmarks from days of old.

Average flight time 9Hr
Time difference -2Hr 30Min
Avg Temperature °C
Currency EUR
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Surrounded by the Ionian Sea, the island of Corfu features idyllic beaches and an Old Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Known as the Island of the Knights, Rhodes is one of Europe’s largest medieval towns featuring ancient landmarks & golden beaches


Steeped in mythology, Crete is known for its pristine beaches as well as Minoan palaces, Byzantine monasteries & medieval castles

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Transporting you to a place where time seems to stand still, Greece provides something new to discover on each visit. Head to the Acropolis of Athens perched on a hilltop, walk amidst the ruins of the Parthenon, spend your days strolling through the lush olive yards, vine yards or even down the iconic antique shop alleys.

With its signature use of olive oil, olives and cheeses, Greek cuisine has its own unique flavours. Fishing villages are an ideal place to sample exquisite fresh fish dishes, while the egg-plant based Moussaka and grilled meat fast food called Souvlaki are not to be missed. The meal is made complete with Baklava for dessert & some fine Greek wine.