Awaken your soul spiritually with exclusive Dambadiva tours that take you through some of the most venerated sites in India. Our pilgrim tour packages are specially designed to suit your requirements of luxury, comfort or affordable economy to embark on a once in a lifetime spiritual journey.

Average flight time 2Hr 15Min
Time difference 0Hr
Avg Temperature 32-40 °C
Currency INR
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Start off your spiritual tour with a visit to the Sacred Bhodhi Tree where you can engage in religious activities. Include to your pilgrimage sightings of the spectacular ancient Buddhist sites such as Rajgir, Nalanda & Vishali. Apart from the usual sites of veneration, Buddhagaya & Kushinagar are both famous for street shopping which lets you get your hands on some of the finest sarees, jewellery, bags and many hand crafted items.

Dambadiva offers its pilgrims varied Indian cuisines with prominence given to specially cooked milk rice. Whether you would like to indulge in some all time favourites of Biriyani rice, Chapathi, Dosai, Poori, Dhal Tadka, Paratha or even some sumptuous Dahi Kebab, Dambadiva’s got it all! Also, Do set your taste buds on some of India’s favourite beverages like the Indian Chai (tea), sweet or plain Lassi & sugar cane juices or guava juices.