Environmental Policy

Aitken Spence Travels (Pvt) Ltd is a destination management company handling inbound and outbound tourism operations. We are the leading tour operator in Sri Lanka representing most of the top tour operators in the world and will strive to preserve and enrich our cultural heritage and the natural environment we operate in.

We are committed:

• To provide quality services to our customers and principals and to develop and offer sustainable tourism products and services in Sri Lanka;

• To comply with relevant laws and regulations of the industry and to consider international environmental standards;

• To take necessary action to identify potential adverse impacts on the environment and to implement internal and external activities that will minimise, if not eliminate, adverse impacts on the environment and the cultural identity of the local community;

• To conduct necessary educational and capacity building programmes for all key stakeholders to achieve the objectives and targets of our Environmental Management System (EMS);

• To embrace opportunities to share our experience in environmental and social development initiatives with key stakeholders and to work with them collectively to encourage good environmental practices within the tourism industry in Sri Lanka;

• To routinely engage with our top management to review our performance on the environment and social objectives and set targets.