With a strong spirit unlike any other nation, Japan stands out for many a reason. Set yourself on a voyage to discover lands enveloped in imperial cities, glorious temples & enchanting national parks. Aitken Spence Holidays offers all-inclusive Japan tour packages which let you witness majestic palaces, shrines and even world famous mountain ranges. Craft your luxury or economic holiday with Aitken Spence Holidays which includes attractions of Kyoto, Mount Fuji, Ice Caves & even Disneyland.

Average flight time 8 Hr 20 Mins
Time difference + 3 Hr 30 Mins
Avg Temperature 16 °C
Currency JPY
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Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto is home to Buddhist temples, palaces & more which could be reached by a bullet train ride

Fujiyama (Mount Fuji)

The world renowned volcano, Mount Fuji is the country’s tallest peak & attracts thousands of local & foreign tourists alike

Narusawa Ice Cave

23 metres in depth, the Narusawa Ice Cave is situated near Mount Fuji. The cave came to exist after Mt. Nagayama erupted


Step into a land of dreams where you can relive your childhood fantasies and share in the joy as your kids encounter Mickey Mouse & Co. for the first time in an unforgettable family adventure to Disneyland.

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Make your way to majestic ‘Mount Fuji’, the all famous landmark of Japan. Imperial Tokyo is all yours to cherish with its beautiful imperial palaces and its parks surrounded by walls & moats. Make a visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, the historic Kyoto, the island shrine of Itsukushima & even the breathtaking Temple City of Nara.

From its simple rice bowls to the Donburi dish, Japan offers visitors a range of fresh flavours. Savour authentic signature dishes of Sushi or Sashimi, at any Japanese restaurant. Also famous for its noodles, Japan lets visitors sample a variety of its speciaality Japanese Tea & dishes such as Soba, Udon, Ramen, Somen & Yakisoba. Partake in ‘Teppanyaki’ style cooking which lets you witness a live performance of skilful chefs bringing together various ingredients.