You can now enjoy captivating experiences be it on business or leisure with our special China tour packages that feature everything from visits to key business gatherings such as the Canton Trade Fair and Yiwu Wholesale Market to other popular trade exhibitions. Families can also delight in sightseeing of great wonders, indulge in authentic spa treatments and explore a world of ancient dynasties.

Average flight time 7 Hr 30 Mins
Time difference + 2 Hr and 30 Mins
Avg Temperature 26 °C
Currency Renminbi
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A bustling metropolis, Shanghai is a financial hub that has a rich history and culture blending tradition and modern development


The capital city, Beijing is home to some of the nation’s most iconic attractions as well as landmarks from ancient dynasties


Located by the Pearl River, Canton or Guangzhou is known as the City of Flowers, famed for its Canton Fair held every April and October.


Endless choices await in Yiwu featuring one of the world’s largest wholesale markets referred to as China Commodity City


The largest city in Yunnan, Kunming is called the Spring City and known for its popular trade fairs & idyllic natural landmarks


From ancient monuments to dynamic cities, China has much to offer intrepid travellers; walk along the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China, explore the Forbidden City, witness the stoic Terracotta Army, enter the hallowed grounds of the Temple of Heaven and indulge in some shopping along Nanjing Road on your adventures to the orient.

Chinese food is as vast and varied as the country itself, with each province having traditional dishes that have become part of the national cuisine. No trip to China is complete without trying some Chinese tea, juicy dumplings, Peking roasted duck, Sichuan-style gong bao chicken, wontons or Cantonese chow mein, all with their own unique flavours & aromas.