If you are looking to get the best of your holidays in Egypt then choose to travel with Aitken Spence Holidays. Explore the land of the pyramids governed by the fertile banks of the Nile which take you back to the days of the ancient river-valley civilization. Egypt tour packages from Aitken Spence Holidays ensure that you are provided with a wholesome holiday experience fulfilling every aspect of your tour.

Average flight time 7Hr 45Min
Time difference -3Hr 30Min
Avg Temperature °C
Currency EGP
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The lands of the Pharaohs call you to explore its myriad of attractions. Embark on a tour to discover the giant pyramids of Egypt. These giant monuments attract thousands of tourists every year and offer a glimpse to one of the world’s enigmatic wonders. Among other top things to do in Egypt include visits to the Egyptian Museum, Saqqara, Khan el-Khalili bazaar, Mount Sinai, the hanging church & much more.

Let your taste buds spin to the tunes of the all famous Kushari dish; a must have for every Egyptian. Succumb to the sensational ‘Kofta’ or kebab which made up of finely grilled meats. Have yourself blown away with the rich ingredients of sweet treats of Halwa & Konafa.