Explore the world’s largest nation with our amazing Russia holiday packages. Visit Russia and see points of attractions such as the Red Square, Lake Baikal, the Winter Palace & more and feel like you stepped into a land of fairytales.

Average flight time 8Hr
Time difference -2Hr 30Min
Avg Temperature °C
Currency RUB
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Tour the great capital of Russia famous for its magnificent Red Square

Saint Petersburg

Russia’s cultural capital holds many World Heritage Sites & other wonders

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Ravishing Russia presents a multitude of things to do & see of which the magnificent Red Square stands out as it is called the ‘heart and soul of Russia’. Visit Kremlin, home to the President of Russia; the stunning Winter Palace & the gigantic statue named ‘The Motherland Calls’. Also, make sure to see Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world!

The food in Russia is known for its versatility. From the hearty tart soup, Borsche to the flavoursome Beef Stroganoff, Shashlik, Knish & Solyanka Soup; you are guaranteed of tasting a variety of delicious flavours. Russia is famous for its Caviar of Sturgeon. You can also snack on treats like Chak-Chak, Tula Gingerbread & Morozhenoe ice-cream.